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Default What would it take to beat the 72W-10L record of 95/96 Chicago Bulls?

We had a discussion today at lunch with other guys about what would it take?

I think if we need a superstar in each of the 5 position and that should do it.

We currently have 4 of those 5 spots vs the 96 Bulls 3 super stars, so it should be able to do it on right? At least on paper.

If it's any time in Kobe's lifetime or Dwight's lifetime to do it, that time is now ( a possibility to break the 96 Bulls record) and maybe another chance in the next season. I hope Dwight and Kobe see that. If you have a big 4 and could not break it, then is that an embarassment?

The 2004 season was just a far stretch because of Kobe / Shaq feud.

95/96 Chicago Bulls:
M Jordan , G/F
S Pippin, F/G
D Rodman, F

12/13 Lakers
* Nash - PG
* Kobe - SG
* Pau - F/C
* Dwight - C
MWP/J Hill / Jamison
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