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Originally Posted by ~primetime~

he did go on to say that 7-9 would be a success for them...

Yes, I did. You DO realize that teams with top 10 offenses still can have a rough season, right? Especially considering that our defense will be atrocious. Its not that far-fetched. There are teams like that in the league every season.

For example, last year the top THREE offensive teams in the NFL, New Orleans, Houston & Denver didn't make the playoffs. Green Bay was also a top 10 offensive team last year and they came nowhere near the playoffs. So what is the deal? Tampa can have a top 10 offense and 7-9 would be very possible and would be a success for them considering how poor the defense will be, how they have a new head coach and offensive and defensive systems.

And you should worry about Dallas winning a playoff game. 10+ years without even a playoff win must sting a little bit. I live in Dallas and it's great year in and year out watching the cowgirls choke in December.

Most of the people here should stick to talking about basketball.
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