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Originally Posted by MK2V1GP
No, he IS light years better, which, actually, isn't saying much at all considering Russell is garbage and isn't even the best QB on his team. He's getting beat out by 38ish-year old Jeff Garcia.

So actually, I'm diminishing Freeman. I only used him as a comparision b/c Russell was the overall number 1 pick two seasons ago and people compared Freeman to Russell. Russell was the most overhyped QB to ever come out of the draft. Before LSU's sugar bowl whipping of ND, Russell was nowhere near a number 1 overall pick.

I am by no means saying Freeman will be the next Donovan McNabb or Peyton Manning. But I could see him being one level lower than what Daunte Culpepper was when he was in Minnesota.

1.Russell is getting beat out by jeff garcia?where did you read this did you go to their OTA's do you know tom cable?

2.most overhyped? he wasnt even the most over hyped QB in his Draft Class Brady Quinn was everyone knew j-marc had foot technique problems and lacked a great work ethic on the other hand everyone loved Brady Quinn

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