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Originally Posted by knickballer
Jamarcus Russell is very simillar to Freeman. Russell is also very big, athletic and also has a rocket arm. Your description for Freeman can very well be the same description for Russell.

Yes, that's why I picked Russell as someone to compare him to. Still, Freeman is much better than Russell ever will be. Russell has been in the league 2 years and has been a major disappointment. Russell even showed up to his first training camp way overweight. This year is his final chance and we'll see what he's got.

If I was picking QBs right now, I'd take Freeman over Russell.

I should add that I didn't want Tampa Bay to draft Freeman b/c I like McCown and we didn't need to address QB this season. We need help on defense. I still say we should've waited til next draft to take a QB since it will be QB deep. BUT, they took Freeman and I will pull for him to be our franchise QB, and I do think he'll be much better than Russell.
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