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Originally Posted by Goliath Uterus
Yup. He should stay away from there.

I'm guessing he just wasn't interested, cause I can't imagine Romar slacking on Parker, and I doubt Parker is at all concerned about playing time.

Izzo would make him an amazing defender. We all know he can score with the best of them, but he has stated numerous times that he wants to be known for his defense as well. Plus, Michigan State is a great program all around with some great recruits coming in over the next couple of years. Sure the alumni are not very overwhelming in terms of NBA success, but I think that's due more to the style of play Izzo likes rather than talent in general. He won't get the same type of hype compared to if he goes to UK or Duke, but it looks like the hype is already at max anyways so I don't even know if that matters.

I WILL concede however that if his intention is to be a 1 and done, then I'm not sure MSU is a great fit for him. Would be better off at UK tbh. However, I once said this about Kyrie and him going to Duke and we all know how that turned out

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