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Default Re: Best Yahoo Public Team Ever?

well, Gwall, Ray, KG, Butler, Aldridge, Rashard, Deng, David West, Bibby, Baron Davis, Elton Brand (back in action baby), Al Thornton (beasting), I think my team would roll yours easily. and this is before I get into how many injuries I've had to deal with and players I had to drop

What you need to do glove is get a life outside fantasy basketball, nobody gives a **** if you "won a championship" and arguing that you can't get 2 teams in the same yahoo public league is just dumb and you should stfu about it and stop failing.

You're a cheater...i mean a *****....i mean a cheating ***** who's team isn't that great in the first place especially for someone posting about being the greatest ever. I think you're just the running joke of this forum now. Good job with that at least. How many teams do you have in last place that you haven't posted?
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