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Default Re: Best Yahoo Public Team Ever?

Okay you guys think I'm some cheater? I'm just that good.

Fantasy Basketball Resumé (I'm going to cut the little things, and go to the 2 main accomplisments)

  • Winner of ISH Premier League Last Year
  • Winner of a Yahoo Winners League

1. The ISH Premier League is the same league that has a Forum this year and was just as busy/active/competitive last year. Competitive in the sense of activity, not more actual hardness, I said that before Sizzle comes in and explains.

2. Winner of a Yahoo Winner League. Yahoo Winner League = all the winners of public leagues go to a "Yahoo Winner League", and they all face. Now this one for sure you can only have one team in for obvious reasons. You can only sign up for 1 winner league per year.

And it's really hard to win that. Because it's Experts vs. Experts. And of course I won, wasn't easy. I got invited the next year too go to another winner league, barely lost that one.

After I win this Public League though, I'll be in a Winners League again.
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