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Default Re: Serge Ibaka, why no draft hype? He should go top 5 IMO

i havent seen anybody with him any higher than the #13 pick to the blazers- but that was about a month ago and it was by me, so no your boy ibaka isnt getting much love

but no, not a top 5- so you set yourself up for a bunch of stupid responses- or if you really think he is top 5 make some comparisons against a lopez, randolph or whoever

i do think this guy is a great prospect could be drafted anwhere in the teens or 20's?? ibaka is a legit nba athlete, still young & unpolished though- i see a really close comparison as tyrus thomas- and that kind of scares people with early picks, but teams may want to jump all over that athletisim at the pf spot into the teens and 20's
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