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Default Re: Vinny Del Negro Introduction Press Conference

Originally Posted by Crazy Style
He seems like a very intelligent guy when it comes to basketball. The fact that he hasn't coached at all in any level isn't that bad as I thought because I think he'll have a quicker transition to the game than most new first time coaches. Also he was an assistant G.M so he must know a thing or two about players. Hopefully he's one of those coaches that start out totally new as a first time coach, but actually stay long term. It's good that he preached about playing defense, although it may have been because the Bulls have always been more of an defensive team. He also said he likes a quick up tempo offense which I'm for. So for a first impression I'd give him a B+ when it comes to presenting himself and his ideas. What happens on the court will be determined.

Anyone think Del Negro at times looks kind of like Luke Wilson?

he was the assistant coach for d'antoni
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