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Default Re: Wilt Chamberlain free throw dunks:

I do kinda wonder what guys with a crazy standing reach could do in such a situaiton. Wilt had a 9'6'' standing reach, long jumped 20+ feet as a matter of track event record, and had a nice broad jump. He only needed to be 6 inches off the ground to touch the rim. Ive seen a picture of him palming a ball and just reaching up and touching it to the rim. I cant find it now but here he is in high school...before he stopped growing:

And here as a globetrotter

I cant say that second rim is regulation but as I said...ive seen him just touch a ball to the rim from the ground so I wouldnt doubt it.

And Tex didnt say wilt was inside the top of the key. He said "He wasnt at the top of the circle but he was about 3 steps behind it" and then he ran up and dunked it.

Considering the wide range of guys we have seen do Ft line dunks without so much as struggling to get there...guys not even considered especially athletic? The big guys like Toni Kukoc and Jeff foster? Keith Van Horn could do it in the 90s. Athletes no doubt but not guys who spring to mind as the best athletes. They arent exactly Larry nances or Tom Chambers or Shawn Kemps.

I suspect the huge standing reach of bigmen really knocks a lot of the difficulty off doing long distance dunks. They only need to just barely be off the ground by the time they make it.

A 7'1''+ guy with a 9'6'' or more standing reach who can palm the ball and just bang it on the rim on his toes?

Its pretty much asking if I believe Wilt could take a few steps and still be....8-9 inches off the ground after 15 feet.

I dont know that id dispute it.

When I see a guy like young Kareem dunk I bet he could take off from 12 feet and dunk and it wouldnt even look nice. Hes too close flat footed.

Look how Ralph Sampson does it:

Im not sure he couldnt do that from about the 3 point line. Hes barely off the ground and he made it look effortless.

Tall guys make this hard to call....
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