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Default Re: Assassin's creed 3

It didn't work for me, don't know why.

Recipes are so pointless. I have one homestead mission left and it's the separate these two dudes fighting and for the life of me, I cannot beat it.

Almost got all the ship missions done except one, and I need to do some more upgrades on the ship, need about a ton of feathers after buying that map, 8 chests, and a ton of club missions left. I wish there was an easy way to see what club missions there are to do.

Oh and two forts, one of which I need to find, but obviously it's with one of those chests. Every time I spawned into a fort to get the treasure chest (I rarely do the unlock the chest things because I hate those) there's always one red coat there, and all the patriots run and start hitting/stabbing him.

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