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Default Re: Active shooter(s) at Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Maybe they've prevented could anyone know?

They've stopped zero.

TSA failed to detect 95 percent of prohibited items at Minneapolis airport: Report

Undercover federal agents successfully snuck drugs and explosives past security screeners at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport last week, according to the local Fox affiliate.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) conducted the test last Thursday by sending agents disguised as ordinary passengers into the airport in order to see if screeners were up to snuff, KMSP reported.

The TSA “red team” attempted to smuggle 18 different items past airport security that should easily be detected but prevailed almost every time, the Fox affiliate reported.

“In most cases, they succeeded in getting the banned items through. 17 out of 18 tries by the undercover federal agents saw explosive materials, fake weapons or drugs pass through TSA screening undetected,” KMSP reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the operation.

If someone was caught trying to bring a bomb on a plane by the TSA, we'd hear about it.
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