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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

Originally Posted by Scholar
I started playing this mode again. My starting line-up is:

C- Enis Kanter
PF- Kris Humphries
SF- LeBron James
SG- Jodie Meeks
PG- Jeremy Lin

I saved a lot of VC in order to get LBJ & Lin. Currently in the 5th seed with 1 more win leading me to the 4th. I sometimes get frustrated with playing against guys with superstar rosters, but in most cases, even when I lose, I find pleasure and comfort in knowing they BARELY beat me even with their incredible line-up.

I beat one guy who had a roster with the exact following:
Dwight Howard
LeBron James
Kevin Durant
Dwyane Wade
Steve Nash
Kobe Bryant
Gerald Green
Anthony Morrow
Austin Rivers
Paul George
Dirk Nowitzki
Carmelo Anthony

In that exact order^^^

I beat him 102 - 66.
All he did was shoot 3's or midrange. He drove to the basket a handful of times and did get a few spectacular dunks on me, but that was about it. He didn't know how to defend in the post. I ended up with 25 PTs with Kris, 18 with Enis & 13 with Timofey Mozgov off the bench.
He had no answer for my front court.

It might be sad but I take great pleasure in beating those types of players. For all I know, he could've been a little kid, but it was satisfying to beat his punk ass.
Funny- I beat a guy who chucked up 3s too.

His starting line-up was:

PG:Steph Curry
SG: Harden
SF: Gerald Green
PF: Steve Novak
C: Shaq

Final score was 73-35

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