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Default Re: Mike Brown said Lakers had considered signing Jeremy Lin...

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
It isn't about who didnt do their homework. If everyone thought that Lin was going to be great, then he would have been playing like a star a long time ago.

Also, 2 seasons ago we were very interested in him. I think the warriors or someone had signed him. The rockets waived him. What does that tell you about what everyone thought of him?
I thought Lakers hired the high paying staffs and scouts are best of the best. When you do your homework, it should not depends on what others are thinking. If it depends on others see, Jerry West would have not made that trade to acquire Kobe or Phoenix accept Steve Nash trade. Just because others release after 10 days does not mean that team did their homework well. And when he was in DLeague...why didn't Lakers send someone there to see how he did or they did but did not see anything and too busy twittering with hoochies?

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