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Default Re: Kendrick Lamar's verse about Arron Afflalo

Originally Posted by plowking
Why are those rappers real? Immortal Tech is one of the shittest rappers out, yet he gets praise like crazy from backpack fans like you. Have you heard him try and ride a beat? Dude is awful.

My top 10? No idea... something along the lines of...

Kendrick Lamar
ASAP Rocky
Freddie Gibbs
Danny Brown
Mos Def
2 Chainz
Ab Soul

There's eight... in that order.

mines somewhat similar

Nas "G.O.A.T"
Killer Mike "he was amazing live too"
Ab Soul
Joey Bada$$
Tito Lopez
Schoolboy Q
Jay Rock
Joe Budden
Freddie Gibbs

Nas and Lamar are my 2 favorites and the other 9 are not in any order.
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