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Default Re: News on Lance Stephenson courtesy of Yahoosports

Originally Posted by Interminator
Once again, TheGame414 did you even watch Lance in HS?
Do you even understand NYC HS Basketball?
I don't have to be familiar with every intricacy, every strength and foible, of New York's high school basketball scene to know Lance Stephenson isn't the best high school player ever in New York. For your own benefit, please know that it's a logical fallacy to attack your opponents' credentials in lieu of debating the topic at hand. It has nothing to do with the subject matter, plus it shows that you don't feel strongly enough about the merit of your own argument.

For the record, as an avid basketball fan that follows the sport at every level, yes, I know a thing or two about New York hoops, just as I do about Indiana high school ball, Texas high school ball, etc.

Where are you going off on this belief that BR is overrated, overhyped, etc?
When did I ever say Lance- see, I'm an adult, so I'm not going to refer to a teenage boy by a pompous, undeserved nickname- was overrated?

I think when Rivals ranks him as the 11th-best player in the class, that's fair. I think ESPN Scouts, Inc. ranking him as the 12th-best player is fair. I think Scouts ranking him as the 8th-best player is fair. That's a fair range for him to be ranked.

But you're comparing him to some guys considered among the best high school players ever. I don't need to intimately follow every aspect of New York hoops to know that.
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