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Default Re: Basketball Diary

Originally Posted by Ai2death
Had a grading game last night in my social league.
We were versing this new team, and as soon as they got there, I knew we were in for a long night.
The team we were versing were all refs. And just like I thought, refs protect refs Not to mention we were missing one of our top scorers and also every guy on the other team was tall and long.

We lost 23-50. I was getting doubled as soon as I touched the ball, and we were flat out getting man handled, no calls at all. I had 3 fouls in the first 5 minutes, and I rarely foul. I average .10 fouls a game per season that's how little I foul.
I also got called for a tech just for smiling at a ref after he ignored a obvious foul, I faked this dude out, and rose for a J, and the guy full bodied me. They ref was like 'his arms were straight up.' Didn't even check his friggen body taking me out. So frustrating. Everyone on our team is like, what'd you say? but I said absolutely nothing, just smiled, that was all

Oh well, onto next week, it was only grading anyway. It's hard to stay focussed on getting better after games like that.

Damn that must be annoying..

that bolded part tho It doesnt matter if he has his hands up, you just cant touch the shooter if hes going straight up.

Good luck next time.
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