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Default Re: Vick agrees to plead guilty in dogfighting case

Originally Posted by GOBB
WTF are you talkin about? Deal is good cause he pleaded guilty? You're all wrong, he pleaded guilty because of how much evidence the feds had. Ontop of his friends snitching on him. He was toast...going thru a trial he would potentially end up with more years as opposed to pleading guilty. And even him pleading guilty doesnt gurantee the JUDGE wont give him a sentence HE WANTS and not what Vick THINKS he will get via pleading.

The judge is known to be tough handing out sentence. Smarten up kid.

I implied that. When I said he pleaded guilty because the deal is good, I meant obviously better than him going through trial which is why he accepted it. But imo, he won't get a long sentence. Chill out.
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