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Default Re: Bargnani goes down; Ed Davis Drops 24/12 on 11-13 shooting

Originally Posted by Mr Know It All
The Raptors need to be god awful for about 2-3 (if not more) seasons in order to get some decent talent. Valanciunas has looked decent but he will probably be capable of nothing more than a decent center on a good team. Andrew Wiggins (if he pans out) would be wonderful for the franchise but it's the Raptors, so it won't happen.

First step after this season, fire Colangelo and Casey. Dump Bargnani, amnesty Amir, and move forward with someone competent. Oh wait, I forgot the Raptors are owned by MLSE. Looking forward to decades more of suffering. **** this franchise.
I think it was Chamberlain that posted in the Raptors forum that the best case scenario would be:

Fire Colangelo. This is absolutely the most important thing.
Tank this year and luck out with a top 3 pick.
Tank next year and luck out with a top 2 pick.

Unfortunately that will take a lot of luck to keep those picks.

You would hope that two top 3 picks + Valanciunas should be a good enough core to build around for the long-run. Then maybe keep guys like Ed Davis and Terrence Ross if you can for cheap and if they don't suck. Lowry is the unknown in all this because to a rebuilding team, he might be more valuable as a trade asset than a near-max player going into his late 20's.

The rest of the roster? Totally expendable.
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