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Default Re: Easiest career, but good salary?

Yep - my girl was in tears yesterday and last night. She bought some dice to play a game in her science class. These are all 9th graders. Well, she spent the time to create this learning game, she invested her own money to buy the dice (not expensive, just the principle)... and the kids stole the dice from her. She asked the class to please return them before the end of class, and if they did not, the fun and games would stop.

All 11 dice were stolen but 3.

Pretty lame. You are on point MLH, the classes she has are way overbooked. Not enough desks, the kids can't take their books home b/c they don't bring them back. Last night she finally came to the realization she can't be a superhero and change these kids like she expected. She's called many of their parents... most of which couldn't give a sh*t. School to the parents is nothing more than a current babysitter.
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