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Default Wait A Minute

What kind of power does a coach have over a GM?

Larry Brown has never in the past overuled his gm in any of his previous stops.

Larry had made a proposal with the spurs ,he wanted David Robinson traded...the GM said No ....

Larry also made a proposal with the Pacers remember, he wanted Reggie Miller traded ....the GM said No ...

Larry had made request for the 76ers, Larry wanted Iverson traded...he was until Matt Geieger didn't turn down his trade kicker....The GM then said to Larry, No make it work...he did...

Larry AGAIN with the Pistons , wanted Chauncy and Tayshaun traded...the GM said No make it work

Larry also had A juice card in NY....(supposedly) said he wanted Francis and Jalen.....Isiah said yeah, sure he got he wishes he didn't.

What is the pattern here? The GM is the boss, no matter what the coaches perception. I feel you are really under estimating Zeke's role in these trades. Other GM's have told Larry no, and he moved on.

Isiah is a slick used carsalesman that has his hand in the cookie jar too.
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