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Curry could easily be a player that averages 18-20ppg, he's not a great rebounder but I could see him getting 7-9 a game with increased minutes

One thing that has carried over from the last board -- the word "easily".

Easily? He could easily be an 18&8 guy? He never has been an 18&8 guy...but he can still do it "easily". I don't think anyone who has ever averaged 18&8 in the NBA would tell you they did it easily.

This whole Larry wanted to waive business is silly. I'm sure at some point in every coaches career they wanted to waive every player they ever had. Its called frustrations with losing.

GM's are supposed ot take that and say, "We're trying to build better - what kind of player do you want? How can we work together to improve the team"
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