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Default Re: Tom Brady will surpass MJ on the list of greatest athletes...

manning's my goat arguably even if Brady wins a ring tonight since I barely care at all about rings for football. I can see why other fans think Brady is up there however since it's not like KAJ, Wilt, and Russell don't have cases.

Still don't see Brady as dominant as MJ. For now, Peyton Manning is the GOAT RS qb and I think even a lot of Pats fans are fine with that opinion. Joe Montana is the GOAT PS QB. MJ is both for the NBA most likely. Brady does have incredible longevity however unlike MJ but Manning and a few others guys beat him there too.

He's more like Kareem imo resume wise. Fantastic longevity and elite RS and PS play even if it's not the best of all time. However a few of his rings come from years where he wasn't a top tier qb just like kareem got a few rings when he was old.
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