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Originally Posted by mlh1981
Lists like this are always difficult, as the criteria can sometimes be confusing. Are we talking about the top 10 quarterbacks right NOW, this second, or just the top 10 "in general" with some "leeway" given to those who are injured/struggling a bit, but have the body of work to suggest they will rebound?
it's fairly general. There has to be a special case to switch around the upper tier normally. For instance, 8 weeks of mediocre performance from Rivers doesn't really change anything significantly, because he has the body of work, as you say, for the benefit of the doubt. The same applies for guys like Vick and Romo, who haven't looked as good as the guys below them this year, but have been extremely impressive in the relatively recent past. I mean, I can't put Fitzpatrick over Romo or Vick yet. It's only been 8 weeks. Vick was brilliant last year, and Romo led his team to a 13-3 record with ridiculous stats not to long ago.

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