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Originally Posted by MMM
Cutler has no supporting cast other then Forte so he definitely deserves some mention and probably a bit more respect as well. What really surprises me is the fact that people are putting Newton in their top 10. Honestly speaking I don't think he is a top half QB as of yet and I don't really want to say that in a negative way because their is still a lot that needs improvement in his game.
Killa Cam has produced kept his team in games. Thats how he is top half. Steve Smith and Olsen looks really good these days a big difference from the scrubs Carolina has thrown out there the past couple of years.

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Oh cuz it's so easy to throw it up there to Megatron hoping he'll come down with it.

He has 11 of Stafford's TD's. And Cutler's line is atrocious to throw behind. You've seen what he can do when he has time and it's pretty damn good. Stafford still overthrows wide open receivers on a weekly basis.
So Stafford is using his weapons and he played how many games the past 3 years... still young and improving.

Cutler's problem is his FO and OC so he hasnt done anything special. I dont want to talk excuses the guy he just hasnt produced like the other players. Once you make these excuses tells me he isnt top 10.
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