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Default Re: Every Single Hour in Los Angeles, Pau Gasol is Mistreated...

Of course.. Pau is a nice guy and too much of a team player to ever complain about his role but it's obvious he's not be used correctly. Why in earth would you have one of the most skilled bigs and one of the best low post players in the game stand on the perimeter for the sake of spreading the floor? Pau has a decent mid range jumper but that's not his strength and he's by no means a 3pt shooter!!

I don't understand why they don't have Pau work in the low post along with Dwight.. I understand that D'antoni is not a fan of that but you need to adjust to your talent and not make 7footers adjust to your system. Many teams do this as well and it's a blessing to have 1 dominant 7footer let alone two with Dwight and Pau.

Like I said before Pau needs to be used as a low post scorer, used off the pick like was his whole career. Don't forget that Pau was dominating in the olympics by using his skills in the post and not on the 3 point line. But of course you have idiotic Laker fans who blame Pau for everything and fail to see anything besides the black mamba.

The way Pau is being used is so illogical. A 7footer who never even shot behind the 3point line in his career suddenly is being used as a perimeter player. Again most teams would absolutely dominate with two 7footers like Pau and Dwight. Imagine the Spurs having Pau next to Tim? Or dwight next to Tim?

Just trade Pau as it's obvious that he's the scapegoat for the team. If they are going to continue with D'antoni's system it's probably the best for both parties. Please trade for Amare, would love Pau in NY!
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