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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Originally Posted by Y2Gezee
He has his flaws, but I feel with the right team he could become a consistent winner in this league.

He has gotten handed some immature teams both in Washington and his 1 year with Philly (and considering some of the circumstances there, its hard to read too much into him as a coach for their record). But I think on a team with maturity and leadership in the roster as well as talent...he could be great. He will try to hold players accountable, and I like that he has a system that his players can refer to when things go out of whack. And on most teams that can be a great benefit when things get out of order. He obviously did some very good things in Washington, with what I don't think was all that good a team and probably only got fired due to injuries. But I think his role with the Nets success as the top assistant goes overlooked also.

He'll get another shot somewhere, and hopefully he makes the best of it. I wish he'd become an assistant with Denver in sorta a offensive coordinator role, and ultimately take over. hell I wouldn't be all that mad if he just took over.

He'll probably get another shot; it's a pretty incestuous business. But Jordan flat-out did a bad job in Philly.

Teams with maturity, leadership and talent are rare. Even more rare are teams like that in need of a coaching change.

He didn't hold players accountable in Philly. Case in point is Dalembert, whose lateness and poor practice habits went unaddressed and unfined.

The problem with his variation on the Princeton offense...or any different offensive selling it to NBA players. Unless a coach has a track record of success, players won't buy in. And they must buy in 100% for that approach to work.

Jordan has nothing to sell now. His concept, and the marginal success he had with a good roster in Washington, don't bode well for his future opportunities.
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