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Default Pre-Melo Knick Fan Appreciation Thread

Well it's happened. We have 2 superstars and are on our way to acquiring a 3rd. All the fans who stuck through all the mishaps and bad times with the Knicks deserve recognition for staying loyal and putting up with everything from Isiah Thomas's bad trades and good draft choices. Stephen Marburys highlights to his downfall. Eddy Currys one good year and his 4 waisted ones. From the David Lee era to the acquisition of Stoudemire.

The era of up's and mostly downs is over. It's only up from here. This is OUR decade.

We are going to be recieving alot of band wagon homers joining this forum who are ignorant and are jumping on the hype of New York. This thread's purpose is to seperate the original posters in this board from the band wagon fans who are going to turn in to some sort of ashbelly.

Post here for you're username on the list.

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