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Default Re: What Is Your Player Profile?


Offense: Very good jumpshot. Great mid range game. Can hit the 3 consistently. Good dribbling with a polished offensive game and post moves. Has a pretty quick first step and good body control allowing him to finish with the foul. May get a little reckless when driving to the hoop. Able to get offensive rebounds and putbacks occasionally. Gets out to score and win

Defense: Gets lazy at times and gambles for steals and blocks. When motivated can play above average defense and has quick feet and hands.
Able to block/deter shots and rebound well

Misc:Average size but good length. Above average speed for my size and position and strong. Scorer through and through. Hates to lose very much

Player comparisons: At most times I'm a pure scorer. I fancy myself a small version of a little of wade and kobe?
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