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Default Re: Your go to moves?

My go-to move, for years now, has been my in-and-out-to-cross.

I originally began working on it back in the 90's when I saw Tim Hardaway do this on my NBA Jam Session VHS:

I used to try to mimic that move exactly, right down to the floater. But over time, it began to develop a life of its own. Eventually I traded in Hardaway's butter smoothness on that play (which I could never match anyway) for a quicker and more sudden in-and-out along with a cross (removing the spin and float piece). At some point it all just began clicking and became really deadly.

That said, like most moves, it really only reaches maximum effectiveness if I use it sparingly and wisely. There's been times where I've fixated on it and defenders can subsequently read and anticipate. But when I wait for the right moment and employ it like a coup de grace, it's made me feel pretty good about the results on many occasions.

I've never had a standard crossover that was nasty enough to break ankles. But coming down in semi-transition and employing the in-and-out-to-cross often yields a similar effect, as the defender often slides and shifts almost a foot in the wrong direction as they anticipate a simple in-and-out. It's probably as close as I get to mixtaping, the moment that's most likely to draw the "Oh my god, what'd he just do to you?" responses.

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