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Default Re: CIA loses entire batch of Lee Harvey Oswald records

Originally Posted by ThePhantomCreep
Tera-shite has no rebuttal, so he goes back to bragging about Trump's fluke victory (AKA: the high point of his failed life).

He completely dominated her, how is that a fluke? And you really calling a billionaire a failed life? A lot of dumb shit written in a single sentence.

Originally Posted by ThePhantomCreep
Want an even dumber one? Bernie loses the primary by 3.7 million votes and doesn't carry a single large state outside Michigan, but because a few DNC staffers privately griped about his campaign, that somehow translates into "rigging" the whole thing for Clinton.

Rumor is a few dumbasses bought into this stupid conspiracy so much, they abandoned everything they claim to stand for and voted for Trump in the GE.
Not sure if he would have won if there was a semblance of equality, but it was rigged. Getting answers on questions should be illegal, and the preson responsible should have went to jail and dq'ed Hillary. Saying that, I doubt Bernie wins because he's pretty much cancer to every super major corporation.
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