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Default Re: CIA loses entire batch of Lee Harvey Oswald records

Originally Posted by ThePhantomCreep
I can see the mafia playing a peripheral role, but I doubt they masterminded the whole thing. Their MO, then and now, is to avoid attracting heat. That's why killing cops and regular civilians is frowned upon.

Killing a sitting POTUS goes entirely against their code of conduct.
Yeah, I also doubt that Castro or the USSR had anything to do with it.

I'm more inclined to believe that rogue elements within the US govt, along with the backing of powerful families, had JFK assassinated. He wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve, he wanted to break up the CIA and the NSA, he refused to give the generals the war with the USSR over the Cuban Missile Crisis that they were screaming for, there was anger at him over the Bay of Pigs fiasco, he was thinking of pulling out of Viet Nam, costing billions to the Military Industrial Complex...

Dude was the real thing, he wanted to change Washington DC for the betterment of the average American family. The Elites were not happy, so he had to go.

Amongst the most damning evidence for me is how the hell do you explain the fact the JFK was hit from behind first, the bullet entered from the back of his neck and went through the front and hit the Gov of Texas, but the kill shot was obviously fired from JFK's right front way in hell could it have been fired from the Texas book depository, which was behind JFK by the time he got hit
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