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Default Re: CIA loses entire batch of Lee Harvey Oswald records

Originally Posted by Terahite
What exactly is there to rebut on your list? It looks like something that was compiled in your treehouse. Why did you call Sandy Hook theories "tasteless" but not holocaust denial? Are you an anti-Semite?

Here's a few more you forgot:

RFK = dumb lol
MLK = dumb lol
Malcolm X = dumb lol

Real authoritative stuff.

A) I specifically noted that holocaust denials are anti-Semitic in nature, so big swing and a miss there, dipshit.

B) It's obvious you're a big believer in most of these inane conspiracy theories, that's why my initial post touched a nerve. Come out and say it already. Or better yet, brag about the election results some more. You've only done so 6,000x this week.

Originally Posted by Nanners
im pretty sure the putin one is dumber. at least with the bernie conspiracy there is ironclad proof that the DNC leadership was doing shady things like trying to use Bernies faith against him. Why would DWS resign from head of the DNC if there was zero truth to the conspiracy? If you google "why did DWS resign" you will get countless articles like this one by WAPO -
Wait, are you arguing that Russia WASN'T involved in the DNC hacks? If so, you've gone full Trumptard at last.

DWS resigned because her private opinions on Bernie were made public by an illegal hack, and the DNC wanted to squash the controversy. That obviously didn't work, but there is no evidence a rigged primary. So what if several members privately wanted Hillary to win? They're entitled to their opinion. I bet the majority wanted Hillary to win in 2008 too, but that didn't stop Obama from capturing the nomination.

Most of those leaked emails were written well after it was clear Bernie had no chance of winning. Their tone was more along the lines of "dude, drop out already". Why would the DNC rig the primary at that point? Bernie was never a serious threat to win even at the peak of his campaign.

Also this idea that Bernie bros who went over to Trump were somehow "abandoning what they claim to stand for" is hilarious.... as if Clinton somehow stood for any of the same things as Bernie

Bernie and Hillary voted the same way 93% of the time they were in the Senate together, and I could post a list of all the effed up shit that's happening right now that wouldn't be happening if HRC were POTUS, but it will fall on deaf ears. Having fun voting for Trump again in 2020, progressive guy.
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