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Default Re: Durant is overrated

Durant's expectations were extremely high coming in last year. People wanted him to score 30 pts, get 10 boards and 4 ast. No rookie is going to do that. He was on a bad team and carrying the load and all that said he got stronger as the year rolled on and by the end of the season, he was showing signs of greatness. I'm not saying KD will be better than any of these guys, but compare his rookie seasons to the likes of T-Mac, Kobe, Garnett and he holds up pretty good rookie comparisons. Until the Sonics, err... OKC team name gets more pieces to the puzzle, his FG% will not improve. Durant will put on weight and probably go through his career a 25 pt 6-8 reb, 3 ast guy.... yeah, that's a scrub.
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