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Default Re: Lets Be Real: Dirk Was More Successful as a Lead Dog Than KG

Originally Posted by fpliii

Oh Okay, well on that basis Pierce had no business winning the FMVP. Ray Allen had a much better offensive series in the 08 finals. I would probably have just given it to KG, but they went the offensive route and gave it to the guy who scored slightly more on a much shittier efficiency. Either Ray or KG should have been FMVP, not Pierce.

As far as the the topic goes, it was definitely KG who led the Celtics to a championship. He was by far the best player on the team. Dirk was more successful as a lead dog than KG...yeah and Dirk had better teams and didn't have a GM (Mchale) who screwed his own team. If you are going to build a team though, it is going to be much easier to build around KG than it is Dirk as KG is the complete package and Dirk is just a one way player.

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