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Default Re: Lets Be Real: Dirk Was More Successful as a Lead Dog Than KG

It is because Garnett didn't have as good of teams as Dirk did when he was the lead dog.

When Garnett had a good team such as 2004 and 2008, he made it to the WCF and won the title. The only reason why they only made it to the WCF in 2004 is because Sam Cassell and Troy Hudson, the starting PG and the backup PG of the team were both injured in the WCF. Garnett had to play PG himself in that series. If those two were healthy in that series, Twolves could have very well reached the Finals and maybe even win it and we would be talking about two championships for KG here.

It is too bad that injuries ultimately held KG back from winning more than one title. It held him back in 2004 and it held him back after 2008 when he got injured himself and was never the same.
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