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Default Re: Best in game dunks

Two stick out in my mind. Both came in high school when I could probably dunk at my best, and was lightest. I'm 6'2 or 6'3 btw. Not really sure. Somewhere around that mark.
One was a tip back slam from a free throw. The guy next to me seemed to blank out and go in late to box out, while I just took off. Like most in here, it was a perfect bounce off the ring, and I jammed it back in, with a late box out coming, hence me hanging and leaving my nuts in the defenders face. lol...

My masterpiece, and something I will never ever forget in my life, was actually called an offensive foul. I honestly couldn't care now, and didn't care then.
I've always been a one footed jumper, and absolutely hated coming in from the right side for dunks, since I'm right handed. I like finishing middle.
On this occasion though, I somehow get a fast break with me, and the opposition 6'6 or 6'7 center who was blocking everyone that game (even our 6'8 center).
He had a tonne of blocks that game, so he tracks back to the key baiting me to go up since he probably wanted another to look good. I just end up taking off of two feet, gain a bit of leverage as my off elbow hits him in the neck/shoulder area, and **** back the ball a little to avoid his arm (ala Vince on Alonzo , obviously not as far back as Vince) and ram the shit home. The sound on the ring was deafening; just a giant clap, and the arrogant 6'7 center is on the ground from me pushing off. I saw the ref call an offensive foul straight away, but I was too busy screaming like a maniac to care, and I just remember my 6'8 center on our team coming over and slapping me on the chest not believing what he saw.
Felt fantastic. Only bummer was, there wasn't a big crowd, since it was just a regular season game, and not a cup game, where we'd usually get a lot of the school into the gymnasium to watch.
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