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Default Re: Rondo Plays - Celts Lose 6, Rondo Sits - Celts Win 6

Originally Posted by MMM
This is true but in the playoffs when they play better defensive teams they will miss Rondo's decision making and ability to control pace.
Stop clinging to the false messiah Rondo, C's fans.

He was only good because Ray Allen, KG and Pierce stretched the floor and defenses sagged off him. He capitalized and put up monster stats, but for what?

They won one title, during which Rondo was benched in the finals in favor of Eddie House.

They had another finals run, where Rondo was a monster in the playoffs until he got to the finals and again wasn't that great.

Without Ray Ray converting sideways Rondo passes and contested shots into Rondo assists, Rondo has been exposed.

He was always on the court with 3 of the best perimeter and midrange shooters of all time. When one goes, so did Rondo's game and so did all the idiots claiming "Rajon Rondo top 10 player in the NBA"

C's are better off without Rondo. Would be funny if they win a title without him.
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