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Default Re: 2009-2010 Line up

Waffling post alert but only one trade (I think is balanced and helps both involved) plus signing A.I.

My line-up for 09/10

PG - Iverson + Augustin
SG - Bell + Henderson
SF - Wallace + Radmanovic
PF - Diaw + Brown (2nd round pick looks interesting or Radman + Okafor have to play a couple mins here)
C - Okafor + Diop

Bench Singletary + Ajinca + Mohammed

Cost as per ********* if Iverson was on a 5.5 million MLE instead of Felton's 5.5 million qualifying offer is 56.5 million. I would assume though that they get 7 so we spending 58 million (maybe deal gets done by a sign and trade or sure there is a way). Important we add on the rookies saleries which I think are very roughly 1.5 and 0.5 million the first year and that hits 60 million.

That is without any additions or salery dump of Mohammed. The one issue I'd have is that back-up PF spot as we'd be covered without injuries but if Okafor and Wallace are having to play significant time there I think it makes their own positions much weaker.

So here's an option I'd try for.

LA Clippers - Have spare big men as want 2 of the 3 established guys with Blake Griffin backing up. Randolph seen as their best PF option by far and Camby's one year 7.6 mil deal more attractive to keep than Kaman's 3 year 10-11-12 deal so we offer to take Kaman. We tempt them with a legit back-up PG for Davis as they don't have anything there currently, but rather than wanting Felton to sit on the bench at a cost and free agent they want D.J.'s cheap deal for a promising guy instead. We agree to send D.J. (2.4M) plus Nazr hopefully (6.5M) (since Diop has 3 years not two and also a player option for 4th so don't think they want him and I'd rather keep the young guy as I see something I like in him as a role guy) which is 9 million for their 10 million of Kaman. This doesn't solve the back-up PF spot but instead gives us 3 quality bigs to rotate between the 2 spots (Mek CAN play both about the same since good player just bit tweener) and also gives us better options to back up our SF spot if Wallace is hurt as Diaw would be able to cover there some due to the extra quality bigman in rotation.
Yes we'd now have the hole at back-up point but if the team are willing to spend, bring back Felton alongside A.I. (60 million payroll now 59 plus him is below tax) but I may be dreaming, else I think there's far more free agent options for vet min at PG than a back-up big (I liked Howard but think he's about it out there and likely to retire anyway).

PG - Iverson + Felton ( + Singletary if a top4 guard injured a starter would slide to play a little SG)
SG - Bell + Henderson (see above if injuries)
SF - Wallace + Radmanovic ( + Diaw if injury issues)
PF - Diaw + Okafor + Brown / Ajinca very occasionally
C - Kaman + Okafor + Diop occasionally and for giving fouls

Now that I think is a play-off roster.
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