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Originally Posted by DLakerfan
Well I heard they're going to grant Saddam's wish before he gets hang, and that is to be have filthy sex with Tara Conner the Miss USA.

I hear if you you climax just at the point of hanging, it's such a rush. Enjoy Saddam!!!!

But seriously, this war is about what everything is about. Money. The defense contractors and all of Bush's friends became rich. Stealing our tax dollars and into their pockets. Nothing more. Most Americans are too stupid to realize it. The debt is so out of control, we will be suffering for generations. Meanwhile, other democracies around the world put their money into infrastructure, health care, making their lives better. We pay to kill Iraqi's for no reason. Wake up everybody....

The White House is in the hands of NeoConservatives, a radical group of people. Again, most Americans are too stupid to notice. Americans will be suffering because of the decisions Bush and his cronies made for generations to come. He is all but ruining America.....

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