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Default Re: portland trailblazers

Originally Posted by DADraftPRO122006
lucky lucky team, portland in 3,4,or 5 years might be a championship lock, they have great young players developing rapidlly. brandon roy, martelli webster(bust), zach randolph, lamarcus aldridge, and the first pick in the deepest draft in history. but i think they shouldnt get greg oden. he is the consensus first pick but they dont need him, they have zach and lamarcus inside and a big giant glaring hole at the SF positon. they need kevin durant. what do u think?
I think the TrailBlazers need a lot of help at the 3 but not enough to pass up Oden. With Oden they would some serious interior depth. There's 96 minutes to split between the PF and C positions. Give Oden 32 mpg at the 5, Randolph 34 mpg at PF and Aldridge 30 mpg between both positions. Sounds pretty nice to me.
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