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Default Re: portland trailblazers

Championship lock, not at all, will never happen in today's game. Playoff lock, yes. A title contender, yes.

Oden will be that type of player I think. Without him or Durant, they are a bubble playoff team. With Oden they are looking to be between a 1 and 6 seed every year if they keep Roy and Aldridge, with injuries taken into account for a lower seed once in a while. With Durant they are hoping to get home court, so like a 4 to 8 seed, while missing the playoffs every so often when injuries and such come up.

Basically, with Oden I think they are up there with San Antonio, Dallas, Phoenix (although when Nash is gone, they will fall), and Detroit of the last few years. With Durant they are up and down some like Houston, Lakers, Clippers, Wizards, and some teams like that the last few years.
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