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Default Re: Miami's offensive efficiency

They are an incredible offensive team for the 2nd year in a row. Here's a post from RealGM:

122.8 ORTG tonight, up to 115.1 on the season (or ~114 by BBR's season page), which should be just over a +10 offense through 9 games, again, picking up right where they left off in the last half of the 2013 season.

Now consider the following:

-Miami is dead last ALL TIME in ORB% through 7 games (18.5%), and through 8 games are EVEN LOWER at 18.2%

-Miami is #1 ALL TIME in eFG% through 7 games (57.9%) and through 8 games are now at 58.9%. 2013 Miami is #2 all time.

-Their TOV% and FTR are middling

I think they have a serious shot at the ORTG record (87 Lakers: 115.6), the ORTG differential record (04 Mavs: +9.2), AND the highest Z-score for an offense (07 Suns: +2.8) this season.
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