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Default Misconceptions about the Catholic Church

as a catholic, it irritates me that many people have preconceived notions and misconceptions about the catholic church and some of our teachings.

here are a few:
  • catholics arent christians
  • catholics worship the virgin mary
  • priests forgive sins
  • catholics worship idols (because we have statues of the saints in many of our churches)
  • all priests are child molestors
  • the catholic church is the whore of babylon
i volunteer in the county jail and one state prison and the conflict between catholics and other christians is most pronounced there; but is just an exaggertion of society at large

at times, it feels like a form of religious bigotry. some people feel free to bash catholics in ways that they would never do to other faiths.

have you encountered any of these things?

do you have questions regarding the catholic church that perhaps have been misinterpreted by others?
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