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Default Re: Misconceptions about the Catholic Church

I'm catholic but i am by no means a religious man.

I think there are misconceptions about every religion and this is why it is the source of all conflict in the world.

I know its off topic but i think all religion is Bogus.

There are what 4 main religions?

With a variety of less popular religions

Each has different beliefs about afterlife, creation and so forth.

The most devout followers dedicate their whole life to religion and in doing so compromise their enjoyment. Assuming that there is 1 religion that is "correct" and their beliefs are true this means that all other religions are wrong and followers are essentially waisting their time.

Now the constraints of Christianity arent that bad but if i were Bhuddist, whom aren't allowed to sleep on a comfortable bed, dance, lie, drink alcohol ect ect and spent my whole life adhering to these guidelines only to die and realise its a load of crap and "Nirvana" is a myth then you've just wasted a life.

The stories of creation and other "important stuff" vary so much that its hard to believe any of them are remotely close to what has happened and how humans have come to be.

Science has categorically proven that Christianities version of creation is false.

Also, the laws stipulated by these religions have become obsolete. For instance is it really feasible nowadays to expect people not to drink alcohol, have sex before marriage, *********e ect its not. Every thing bar religion adjusts to suit current expectations why is religion exempt?

I'm gonna go on because religion angers me!

There are so many contradictions as well...We're supposed to love thy neighbour...but if they're gay throw them to the wolves?

Murder is a sin...But we're supposed to turn the other cheek...its bogus!

Believe me i want something to believe...But i need a reason to believe.

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