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Default Re: Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West arrested on weapons charges

Got this off a lawfirm website in Maryland:

"Gun charges are taken extremely seriously since Maryland firearms laws are very strict. Carrying a handgun is a crime that will get you mandatory jail time if you are found guilty.

Carrying a handgun in Maryland without a permit to carry is punishable by a minimum of 30 days in jail, and up to 3 years. (See my MD Handgun possession penalties chart below.) Even if you have a permit in another state, it is not considered valid in Maryland. "

Handgun Charge

Handgun—Unlawful wearing, carrying, 1st weapon offense
Maximum—3 years; Minimum—30 days

Handgun—Unlawful wearing, carrying, 2nd weapon offense
Maximum—10 years; Minimum—1 year

Handgun—Unlawful wearing, carrying, more than 2 weapon offenses
Maximum—10 years; Minimum—3 years


Delonte possessed 2 hand guns and 1 shotgun.

If he's lucky, they count it as a single offense and he would fall in the first category.

Considering each handgun counts as a separate weapon count, independently of one another, he's going to fall in the second category for the 2 handguns and not counting the shot gun.

If they do count the shotgun, he falls in the third category.

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