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Default Re: Top 10 Players in the League (12/13 update)


Dwight is a glorified, lottery winner's Kendrick Perkins. Good defender, elite rebounder, plays with a lot of energy... but I can't help but feel he is greatly overrated. yeah, his rebound numbers are off the charts... but its not like he is fighting Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis for the boards... I'm just sayin

Gasol is the most well-rounded big man in the game, and probably the most efficient. he is a good, underrated defender, a good rebounder, an efficient scorer with a wide array of post moves, great hands, and excellent passing skills and court vision. Best big man in the game.

Brandon Roy, while struggling this year, is the type of player I'd want to build a team around. smart, good ballhandler, solid shooter, good passer, and a leader. sure, he doesnt score at the clip of potential 'top 10 replacements' like, say... Joe Johnson or Danny Granger, but it is clear to me that he brings more to the table.
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