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Default Re: questions for Euroleague

This is the same shit over and over again " hey look at this guy who was a scrub in Europe killing the NBA" " hey look at this guy who was scrub in the NBA dominating in the Euroleague" " look at this star NBA player sucking in Europe" " look at this star European player sucking in the NBA"

Euroleague i have a few questions please answer them.
1. Do you understand this is an NBA fourm
2. Who do you think are the top 5 players in NBA
3. Who is your favourite NBA player
4. What is your favourite NBA team
5. What team will win it all in the NBA this year
6. What team will win it all in the Euroleague this year
7. Who is the best player in the Euroleague
8. What is your favourite NBA playoff moment
9. What league has better players Euroleague or NBA
10. Greatest NBA draft ever
11. Prime Kobe or Prime Lebron
12. Wilt or Kareem
13. Duncan or Shaq
14. 03 Tmac or 03 Kobe
15. Greatest passer of all time
16. Greatest coach of all time
17. Deron Williams or Chris Paul

Everyone else can answer too if they want
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