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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

I played Bioshock when it first came out and did another run through of it right after I beat Infinite and I think I enjoyed the Infinite experience more.

Things I liked more in Bioshock:
- The plasmids were a better fit into the story and gameplay than the vigors were in BI. It made sense with everything that was happening in Rapture's society. The concept of vigors seemed a little shoehorned in.

- The Big Daddy encounters. There wasn't a single combat even in Infinite that was as good as these. Everything about it was awesome. The tension approaching them and them being so passive until you actually did something. Their relentless attack. The sad moment when you killed one with the little sister crying "Get up, Mr. Bubbles!". The closest thing you had to this in Infinite was Songbird and unfortunately, that was one part of the game that was totally underutilized.

Things I liked more in Infinite:
- The story and characters. They were both much more personal and it worked better for me. While I liked the political angle and social commentary of Bioshock, nothing in that game got to me like the relationship of Booker and Elizabeth. It was even the little things like Elizabeth dancing in Battleship Bay after being freed. The reveals about them in the ending were perfect.

- The world of Columbia was more immersive than Rapture. Which says a lot about Infinite because Rapture was awesome. This might be a personal preference because the goal of Bioshock was to create a sense of isolation. I just thought that having the random people around naturally added to the atmosphere of the city, its social structure and history. The contrast between this city in the sunny sky decorated in bright colours with all the racism and oppression was effective.

- The overall combat was better and really, it should be given how many years separated the games. I liked the more open environments and the additional aspect the skyrails added.
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