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Default Re: Magic Johnson: New Dodgers Owner

Jerry Jones: Dodgers sale means Cowboys 'probably undervalued' at $1.81 billion

The Cowboys sit atop the Forbes list as the most valuable North American sports franchise at $1.81 billion.

The value just went up.

Jerry Jones has no interest in selling the Cowboys. But if he did, the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion just sent his asking price through the Cowboys Stadium roof.

"They probably undervalued it (Cowboys worth) according to the market place here,'' Jones said of the Forbes estimate.

"I don't know how to get my mind or arms around that at all. It certainly wasn't something I might have had in mind when I got involved with the Cowboys and the team.

"It's impressive. It's very impressive.''

Jones respects how Forbes puts its list together. But he's always maintained it's an estimate of value and nothing more. The Dodgers jumping up the list to pass the Cowboys and other franchises increases their estimates.

Cowboys worth like $3 billion now
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